My Favorite Story- Meagan Thornton


One of my favorite stories is Pride and Prejudice. I know, it’s a totally predictable girl thing to say but I love it. I have read the book Pride and Prejudice at least once and maybe twice. I have seen the 6 hour British TV series with the cherished Collin Firth as Mr. Darcy several times. I usually end up watching the Kiera Knightly Pride and Prejudice annually. I return to this story because it hopeful and familiar. I relate to Elizabeth Bennet and would seek her out as a friend if she weren’t a fictional character. I like the characters, dialogue and tension that Austen subtly creates. Plus, the movie has a happy ending and what girl doesn’t want to end up with a guy like Darcy?

The plot line plays on classic themes of love, friendship and family relationships. This plot line is so applicable that you can find many modern day romantic comedies that imitate it. (Bridgette Jones Diary, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, When Harry Met Sally) Here’s a great a fun little article discussing Pride and Prejudice for any other P & P fans out there.

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