My Favorite Story – Noah Bailey

My favorite story is a film – specifically, Werner Herzog’s German language remake of “Nosferatu”. It is a classic which introduced me to the art of the Horror film when I was a child. The story is essentially a rough adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. In Nosferatu, I always enjoyed the character of the vampire, Count Orlok. Once a man, for centuries he has existed as a strange creature who must drink human blood to sustain its life. Count Orlock is forced to act as a human hosting another human, when a real estate agent arrives to sell him property outside of his home country. The count must pour wine and cook food for the man, though he cannot enjoy those pleasures himself. He can never see the sun again or feel the warmth of it upon his skin. The vampire in a sense is a tragic character rather than a monster – a man cursed to become something inhuman. Damned to live forever. These pathos drew me into the Dracula / Nosferatu story from a young age. I also empathize with the human characters but certainly it is the vampire himself who is the most fascinating of all, as he is neither bad nor good but a force of nature. A victim of his own nature.


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