What is a Story? – Cassandra Goff

A story is a mystical, magical creature. It travels through places, thoughts, space and time. Stories are endless; every story has its ever after. However, stories live through time, passed down and spread around through generation and generation and person to person. Stories are what we live for, what we strive for, what excite us, what depresses us. As a species, we live for stories. It is all we are interested in from the day we can comprehend to the day we die. Stories fuel life.

According to the reading, a story is not just an event. I agree and disagree with that statement. Personally, I feel like an event can be a story. In my mind, a story is just replay; retelling something that had happened. A rewording of an event, putting it into past form instead of present. It is something that happened to someone in the past or in an imaginary world. No one ever said a story had to be long, interesting, emotional, exciting, involving a journey, that was never specified for me, and I’d imagine, not for anyone else. Has anyone ever heard a child tell a story? It might be cute, but it doesn’t make sense and it’s not that exciting. Even a simple event, the dog was barking, can be a story. It may not be interesting, exciting, emotional and it may be extremely short, but I am retelling an event.

However, I can agree with the reading. The dog barked can be just an event. The story comes along when we know why he was barking, what he was barking at, the name of the dog, where he was and how he was barking. An event comes to a full story when those details are added, along with intent, actions and struggles.

My favorite story would probably have to be the story of Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. I like the story, mainly because of the character. He is so strange, unpredictable, crazy and just someone you wouldn’t meet everyday. The plot and the way the story moves then becomes unpredictable because of the way his character lives in world created, I enjoy the unpredictably, danger and craziness of the Captain.


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