Is Digital Technology Making Us Better Storytellers? by Ben Brzowski

With every new generation, there is an older generation that laments the death of culture (both lower case and upper case “Culture”) at the hands of new technology or even the new generation itself. In our own age, the argument is still very much alive. Personally, I can’t give a definitive answer either way. I would tend to agree more with the opinion that new technology changes the way we tell our stories, or at the very least adds to our repertoire of storytelling methods. I definitely disagree with the proponents of the position that technology is reducing our ability to tell stories. In my opinion, every variation of human existence (that is, every human life and its own experience of living) does nothing but expand the base of stories.

I feel my opinion most validated in the realm of video games, perhaps the newest medium of storytelling. In addition to presenting the existing factors of digital storytelling (i.e. multimodal design, audience interaction, nonlinear construction, etc), video games present a very unique method of immersing oneself into the world of the story. For the first time, an audience member (or perhaps more accurately described in this case as a participant or player) can actually take on the life of a character. Even in cinema, often considered the closest artistic medium to video games, has never been able to truly place the individual receiving the story in the shoes of the characters within the world. This is why I strongly believe video games and the closely tied world of virtual/augmented realities hold the reins of the future of storytelling.


One thought on “Is Digital Technology Making Us Better Storytellers? by Ben Brzowski

  1. meaganmthornton January 26, 2015 / 9:59 pm

    I very much agree that the older generation always seems to be wary of new technologies, such as when the cell phone came out. I think it is good for us to be critical and examine how these mediums affect our society and culture. However we shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with these new resources.
    -Erynn Pontius


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