Is Technology Increasing Our Ability to Tell Stories? – Ben Holland

It’s a fascinating world. Technology is updated before we can even get our hands on it. Stories are getting repeated and stolen, while masked in different mediums.

Despite the abyss of mediums that allow anyone, anywhere to publish their own thoughts, I don’t think the answer will ever be: “Technology is making us worse at [blank].” I don’t think technology or the reliance of it will ever affect storytelling. Is it different? Of course. I don’t think one can ever say, “This decade is better than the other.” That will never hold true. We are always learning some things, and forgetting others.

Storytelling hasn’t become more difficult, and we as a society haven’t become worse at telling stories. Have there been a lot more crappy movies lately than there have in the past? Sure. But there have also been incredibly unique movies and stories as well.

I guess my main point is this: We may not have many people that can sit around a fire pit and make up a story on the spot (the proverbial “storyteller”). But we can each tell stories. And people have proven, time and time again, that we are a creative species, and we have the ability to formulate stories. As a society, we will always have some individuals, if not just a few, who will have amazing talents of storytelling, redeeming the modern generation from whatever perceived “dissonance” we may have—whether technology is the scapegoat or something else. We are always learning more, and possibilities are always evolving; how could the same not be occurring for storytelling? We are storytellers. Humans are storytellers. It’s in our blood. Nothing will ever limit that, and nothing ever has. The same argument could be said about those before literacy: Was their storytelling inhibited by the lack of a written language?

It doesn’t always have to be “the present is better than the past” or “the past is better than it is now.” It’s just different.


One thought on “Is Technology Increasing Our Ability to Tell Stories? – Ben Holland

  1. meaganmthornton January 25, 2015 / 3:11 am

    Great point on how humans are “storytelling animals” and the we don’t need to create a better or worse dichotomy. – Meagan


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