Is technology making us better Storytellers? -Adam Namba

I do think digital storytelling is making us better storytellers because it helps many people explore on how they could tell their stories and make them interesting for other people to look at.  Also I feel like people who are socially awkward and shy, they can use technology to get their story out onto the web about what is going on in their daily lives on social media like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and even there are social media apps that you can send a paragraph of anything and no one would know who posted it.  Which they would have trouble sharing their stories with their friends because if they are either socially awkward or shy, so digital technology would help them get rid of that fear and help them share with the world about their stories that they have.  With all of this technology, people can make stories out of anything which they could use pictures, videos, power points, websites, social media, blogs, and pretty much anything else that you can find on the web to help you write a story.

Which I am a very traditional guy and I like to read books and tell stories to friends while we are hanging out about our lives.  Which I think those ways are the best form of storytelling because you are interacting with another human being and it also helps with your social skills. On another point of that, when you are hanging out with your friends sitting around a campfire and telling each other about what they did during their weekend or winter break, that story will expand to people to people or even make it to social media to show all of your friends about what happened to you or your friend during the weekend.

Even with that argument I still think that technology is making us better storytellers because from what I wrote from the paragraph above that there are an excessive amount of people telling more stories online with the different way they could tell it.  Even what we were talking about in class how digital technology has brought more audience to it and more people can comment or share that story.  Lastly, how digital technology brings in a new design of thinking by bringing in more aspects of how you can tell a story over one website.


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