Technology and the Art of Storytelling by Codey Herrera

Storytelling, in my opinion, is a craft that cannot be improved by technology. I think technology can compliment great storytellers by facilitating a range of mediums that can be utilized to elaborate or provide more detail to the story. Many people are very visual, and words sometimes fall short of delineating a scene to an audience, in which case visuals would be a great way of complimenting one’s story, though it does not improve the ability of the storyteller to weave together stories out of life experiences. I don’t think technology has hurt the craft of writing, but I certainly do not believe that it can improve the artist either. The artist is independent of the means in which he uses to convey his story. He is the hand; the medium merely his objects, and though the tools may change, the hand that wields them may always stay the same.


One thought on “Technology and the Art of Storytelling by Codey Herrera

  1. meaganmthornton January 25, 2015 / 4:13 am

    This idea of the artist at the center compliments the reading’s idea that the medium is not the important part. You need a good story and then the medium can compliment the story but the “goodness” come from the content/storyteller. -Meagan


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