Technology and the Evolution of Storytelling – Amy Garcia

As technology changes and develops into new forms of social media, the modes of storytelling become more diverse and accessible. Through technologies such as camera phones, anyone who wants to share a photo or a video with friends or the world can upload through various modes of social media share anything from a picture to feature length film. Websites that allow beginners to create blogs or even video games are available for free to all. Anyone happened through this ability to share videos and ratings systems that allow the emergence of quality story telling to be found. People all over the world have been taking advantage of these advances in technology to share from whatever perspective they so choose. Independent writers and directors are able to collaborate, learn independently and develop their skills in whatever medium of storytelling they choose. Technology has also advanced the ability to find quality stories. The way that social media gathers and shares stories has also become very advanced. Through rating devices such as “likes” or “favorites” and other statistical information gathered from users, increases the ability to find relevant and quality videos. This has certainly become an advantage to society as people can quickly find and share information that they seek. However the desire for “quick” in many ways creates a form of storytelling that is often shallow and abrupt. This may mean that people are not looking at things as in depth as they may have been in the past. This is not true for all new forms of storytelling. For instance, podcasts offer radio stories an hour and over that tell stories in detail from a variety of perspectives. Mediums such as this allow people to tell share full narratives to anyone who wants to listen. Even more in depth story telling with the ability to self publish a book has allowed authors who may not otherwise be published share their writing and find an audience on their own. As technology broadens the spectrum of storytelling mediums, the spectrum of good and bad storytelling broadens as well. Any poorly written, badly produced or distasteful story can be shared, but beautiful stories we may not otherwise ever have heard can be found as well.


One thought on “Technology and the Evolution of Storytelling – Amy Garcia

  1. meaganmthornton January 22, 2015 / 11:10 pm

    Make sure to post your posts as a class post. I will do it this time but please do it in the future. Thanks!

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