Technology and Storytelling- Discussion Highlights

“New technology changes the way we tell our stories, or at the very least adds to our repertoire of storytelling methods.” (Ben Brzowski)

The use of digital technology does not a good storyteller make.  But it does facilitate in making good stories.  With tools such as Google for researching, word processors for editing and revisions, and communication tools such as e-mail, Skype, and other community based services can improve collaboration and feedback.” (Michael Webster)

In the digital age there are no owners of stories. The audience, now, if willing, will take hold or hostage anything they deem unfit. The age of crowd-sourcing/funding, posts and reposts, likes and unlikes, tags and tweets has taken over. Creative control is just as much in the hands of the viewer/reader/player as the director/writer/producer; from petitions that number in the millions for unwanted changes in a popular teen novel’s character, to the digital roar on blog and social media sites about a ‘AAA’ games questionable ending. The audiences that were the quiet, passive listeners are no more.” (Davor Simunovic)

Great stories might exist, but if readers aren’t captured by a character, intent, events, goals, opposition, and several details within the first 50 words, those readers might not finish that great story. Every great story needs an audience. And when the audience lacks the attention necessary for complex and detailed stories, writers will turn their attention to those that are shorter and less detailed. “ (Amber Sandberg)

We are storytellers. Humans are storytellers. It’s in our blood. Nothing will ever limit that, and nothing ever has. The same argument could be said about those before literacy: Was their storytelling inhibited by the lack of a written language? It doesn’t always have to be “the present is better than the past” or “the past is better than it is now.” It’s just different.” (Ben Holland)

“It becomes difficult to hone the art of storytelling when one is constantly surrounded by it and being suffocated by it. “ (Becky Lin)


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