What is Story? Discussion Highlights

“I believe the mark of a good story is in the details. The details are the line that separates the would-be stories from the “anything” of everyday existence. The other story elements the author of Story Proof mentions, (character, intent, action, and struggle) are definitely important but it’s the details that takes those elements from important to vital. The details form a connections between the reader and the story the same way they form a connection between the character and the intent or struggle. In a way, I believe Story Proof’s good story essentials promise the surest, simplest roadmap toward success but they not necessary guarantee it.” (Stephanie Hunter)

“We could take the example of a mother pouring milk into a glass. We say to ourselves, “this doesn’t feel like a complete set of events. This recounting is lacking something essential and just doesn’t feel like a story.” But sometimes the most important aspect of a story is allowing the audience to speculate on what is going on, and weave, by way of individual experience, their own story. ” (Codey Herara)

“I consider a good story to be a meaningful series of events with a strong character (or characters) to tie them together and invoke emotion from the viewer. Without interesting characters or events that matter in some way, a story is not really worth being read.”(Alexander Lewandowski)

“All of the greatest stories I have ever read or heard always held a special piece of information that made me feel that it meant something to me. In my opinion a story is made great by taking a tiny sliver of the readers heart and ingraining something meaningful to them. Whether they derive the meaning themselves or the author is trying to subject the reader to the idea, there needs to be a small inkling of personal meaning within the story.” (Hannah Marble)

“One of the important factors which contributes to the tone of a piece is the use of strong imagery – descriptions and details. There will also be underlying thematic elements to a real story as well, which vary greatly depending on the nature of the story. Common themes often relate to human relationships (friendship, heartbreak) and ultimately, as is the case with most stories: the battle of good versus evil and the relationship between the two. A lot of stories tend to question what evil can be defined as and where the boundaries between good and evil exist. “(Noah Bailey)

“It wasn’t until I came across a book called Story: Style, Structure, Substance and the Principles of Screenwriting by Robert McKee that I was exposed to a new idea, a new definition of what story is. Through his work, I understand story to be an account of the human experience. It eats at the raw experience of existence and connects people regardless of race, gender, social class, and culture. “ (Becky Lin)


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