The Hero’s Journey- Adam Namba

The Hero’s Journey can be seen in almost every movie nowadays.  For an example, the Lord of The Rings describes the hero’s journey perfectly.  The hero’s journey( which is Frodo) starts of in The Shire until he gets the responsibility to destroy a ring which if it falls in the wrong hands can destroy the world.  At first the refuses to do it, until he meets his mentor( which is Gandalf) and tells Frodo why he is the only one fit to carry the ring to Mordor and destroy it.  Frodo finally leaves the Shire for the first time and he journey takes him to many different places he has heard and read about but never been to.  But on his journey he embarks on different test( Mines or Moria, Isengard..etc), allies( The Fellowship), enemies(Orcs, Golem). His approach to finish his journey is try to find the easiest way in to Mordor and destroy the ring, which he gets help from Samwise and Golem.  There were many ordeals, deaths, & rebirths in this story for example; everyone thought that Gandalf died but he didn’t and came back as Gandalf the white.  Then finally, as many battles are going on to help Frodo get to Mordor so he can destroy the ring, but he goes through a couple of obstacles and finally destroy’s it and ends all evil in Middle Earth.  The road back was that he was taken away by eagles and taken to safety.  When he gets back to the Shire, everything is the same and none of the hobbits had no clue that Frodo just saved Middle Earth.

I really do like the theory of the Hero’s Journey because I feel like the Hero’s journey is a way a story should be.  It has all of the elements to make it a story and you can branch out by that you can make it fictional or non-fictional and still have the same story plot but just add different test, allies, mentors, and adventure.  By these reasons and all of the great stories and movies that were created from the Hero’s Journey is that I think it’s one of the better formats of what a story is.


3 thoughts on “The Hero’s Journey- Adam Namba

  1. meaganmthornton January 29, 2015 / 12:36 am

    I really like your analysis of the heros journey. I agree that it applies to practically everything! – Ben Holland


  2. meaganmthornton February 8, 2015 / 11:09 pm

    Great break down of The Lord of the Rings to the hero’s journey. – Meagan


  3. meaganmthornton April 19, 2015 / 3:06 am

    My old AP English teacher used to argue that the hero’s journey in Lord of the Rings was not Frodo’s, but Sam’s.
    Just a thought
    -Cassie Goff


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