A Story’s Journey in the Modern Age – Amy Garcia

Before the internet, when a story was created in print or cinema, it remained relatively untouched. If a great story or even a very bad story captures someone’s creativity, it will be transformed into several mediums. Today a story is subject to a huge variety of interpretations and deviations that can be shared and made popular in a matter of hours. Artistic interpretations of various movies and books can be found all over the web. These artistic interpretations can range from a full length fan fiction novels, to a pornographic gif. While some of the interpretations can be very offensive, I’m sure many storytellers did not imagine the beautiful pieces of work that have been created in honor of their stories.

A story can now form a community in a way that it has never been able to do before. Until the internet was created, having a fan group where members from all over the world could join in was limited. There were magazines and places to mail letters and such, but nothing like today. The Harry Potter generation and the internet generation are essential the same. I’ve often wondered how closely the emergence of internet culture and the Harry Potter phenomenon were tied. I don’t know that this is a fact, but Harry Potter seems like the first book to have based on it, a feature length movie, a genre of fan music, candy, clothing, fan clubs, fan fiction and a theme park. . If it hadn’t been for fan websites and the ability for young people to discuss their love of the books, would there have been the mass hysteria over the books that there had been?


2 thoughts on “A Story’s Journey in the Modern Age – Amy Garcia

  1. meaganmthornton January 29, 2015 / 4:27 am

    Fandom is an amazing thing – story is a joint production between the author and audience. I am in complete agreement with your case of community fueling phenomenon. Clusters of people flock to numerous book, television, video game, comic book, and movie series in order to immerse themselves in the lore. Fans have more control now than ever before over the media they so rapidly consume. Great and insightful post.
    – Davor Simunovic


  2. meaganmthornton February 8, 2015 / 11:26 pm

    I agree with Davor. You made some great observations on how digitality has influenced production and reception of stories. Good work. -Meagan


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