Storytelling via Sundance -Steven Witkowski

Since we have this chance to write a post on anything we choose I felt it perfect timing to encourage all to partake in the festivities of the Sundance Film Festival. There are so many brilliant and many not so brilliant stories being told, often being told for the first time, right here in our backyard. You don’t need a pass, you don’t even have to pay full price for tickets. Download the Sundance Film Festival App and register for the eWaitlist and all tickets are 15$ though you’re not garunteed a seat, most screenings have many extra tickets. You don’t even have to go see a movie if you’d prefer to go to a music event there are a few you can even get into for free. My point is to just go out and support the festival, because it’s one of the best things that happens annually here in Utah and without local support would never be able to go on. I would definitely encourage you to go and see a film though, the best part about seeing these movies is they’re stories being presented for the first time and some will never be seen by a large audience again. It’s like Forrest Gump’s mama said, “You never know what you’re gonna get.” but I assure you one thing you will get is exposure to unique stories that you’ve never heard before.


4 thoughts on “Storytelling via Sundance -Steven Witkowski

  1. meaganmthornton January 29, 2015 / 6:52 am

    I really like this promotion of Sundance. I was able to go see “The Hunting Ground” this Sunday through the Sundance Festival. It is a really well done documentary on Title IX. After the film we also got to talk to some of the women who shared their stories. Sundance provides a really great opportunity to see media on the ground floor.


    • meaganmthornton April 19, 2015 / 3:33 am

      I’ve never actually been up to the festival, but my dad works at the airport so sometimes I’ll go in with him to see all the famous people. It’s entertaining to see how ‘famous’ they actually are by how many commoners recognize them. -Cassie Goff


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