The Hero’s Journey – Cassandra Goff

In highschool, I took AP English with a fantastic teacher. We spent a lot of time on Campbell’s idea of the Hero’s Journey. We began this section of the class with a freewrite about who our heros were are why. Then we spent many class periods discussing how modern hero’s are not ‘true’ heroes and how modern society has a really messed up definition of the word ‘hero’. We then lectured on Campbell’s ideas. We applied them to the Odyssey and how Odysseus goes through all of the twelve steps. To illustrate the journey further, we had an assignment to choose a person (I think that was the only option, if I remember correctly), and apply their life story to the hero’s journey. I chose Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue. I was so surprised by how closely his life resembled the Hero’s Journey. I swear Nikki went through every single part of the Hero’s Journey. It’s pretty amazing. After everyone in class had gone through presentations, we watched the entirety of Star Wars. Then, we wrote reports and discussed how Star Wars follows the Journey, step by step. Anyway, ever since that class, I can not take anyone seriously if they say something like “Oh, he/she is my hero!” No. Hero’s don’t work like that. I also have a hard time taking anyone seriously if they call someone a hero, if the hero has not been through the hero’s journey. I get genuinely upset over. So, I was really happy that we talked about this in class.


One thought on “The Hero’s Journey – Cassandra Goff

  1. meaganmthornton February 8, 2015 / 11:28 pm

    This sounds like an awesome class. I would like to take it. Thanks for sharing. I wish we had more time to do the hero’s journey justice but it sounds like you have a great background in it. -Meagan


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