What is a Story? – Amy Garcia

Putting a definition on something like a story may seem simple at first, but becomes difficult because of the broad range of mediums and styles used to tell a story.  I have come to a definition that works for me by defining the goal of a storyteller. A storyteller leads other people through an event, or a series of events in a way that it can be reimagined. My definition of story through that lens would be; the retelling of an event, fiction or nonfiction, by the sharing of purposeful information. That is my very broad definition and it does not narrow down what a quality story is. In my opinion, a story is at its best when the person who is being told the story can feel empathy for a character in a compelling situation. Empathy can be created for the character by giving details that tell you more about them, so you can easily put yourself into their shoes and at that point you are seeing the world from a new perspective. That new perspective becomes even more important when you are put into a compelling situation, one that you don’t know how the character will overcome. When the issue is resolved by the character you are armed with a new way of viewing the world that you can use for anything to daydreaming to problem solving. We are all trapped inside of our own minds, even when we experience a story that others have experienced, we still all do it in our own way. However, we do come closer together by sharing the experience of that story, because the storyteller is the only person who gets to create the path, unlike life where we create our own. A story is a chance for people, all over the world whenever they like, to step on to a pathway of experience that someone else has laid out for them.


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