A Dialogue on Strength and Simplicity by Codey Herrera

I listen to the podcast of Tim Ferriss, and this week he covered the topic of strength and simplicity with Pavel Tsatsouline. I have never heard of Pavel before this podcast. Pavel is a strength trainer and works exclusively with the United States Military. What interests me about Pavel is his emphasis on military training. As a Marine, I can relate to the content of the podcast, as I have operated in an environment that is not conducive to strength training, or optimal nutritional supplementation. Pavel says, “there is a big difference between the way an athlete trains and the way a military operator trains.” The implication here is the way an athlete has the ability to refine his workouts and supplementary intakes, and the inability of military operators to do so. I can recall with detail the improvised gym we had while operating in Afghanistan; the marines had thrown together some makeshift weights consisting of tow bars, sandbags, and ropes from the light armored vehicles. Needless to say, not only did we lack proper supplements, but also equipment. What Pavel has done, and talks about in the podcast, is construct both equipment and workout plans that incorporate a simplicity that allows it to be utilized in hostel environments like Afghanistan. This conversation works because there are so many people who can relate with the content matter, even outside of the military.

293307_247201025325752_1947882682_nA picture of the makeshift gym we used while operating, and some supplements donated to us by Bodybuilding.com

What I love about the podcast is the natural flow of the conversation. It doesn’t seem as much like an interview as much as a casual conversation between friends of different disciplines; the conversation feels natural and very easy to follow. I also loved, in this particular episode, the content as stated above.

What I don’t like about the podcast is the ads. Tim is infamous for advertisements, and it has always been a source of discontentment for me. Though I do understand the need to produce revenue to continue to make podcasts, I feel strongly that there are other means of accomplishing this while not subjecting his listeners to his benefactors.

As far as the elements of a podcast, There is not a lot of silence throughout the conversation, but Tim does utilize some sound effects at the beginning and end of the show, as well as the occasional clip of music.


One thought on “A Dialogue on Strength and Simplicity by Codey Herrera

  1. meaganmthornton February 9, 2015 / 12:14 am

    Thanks for sharing the photo and info Codey. This sounds like an interesting podcast.- Meagan


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