BBC World News Podcast- Sara Haller

GlobalNews: 02 Feb 15 AM Peter Greste heads home

This is the title of a podcast which is put out by the British Broadcasting Corporation. It’s purpose is to disseminate world news in real time. The BBC produces two podcasts a day which last for a half an hour each.

The podcast is made up primarily of a primary reporter whom is joined by other reporters and eye witnesses as the podcast goes on. They use music, voices that overlap, and incorporate a lot of other languages. Some of it is sounds from the actual scene being reported, also explosion noises, and then also other music and sound affects. You see a lot of use of sound layering. For example, a reporter talks about the issue at hand while there are the sounds of muffled crowds yelling in the background. There is a lot of translating that also is portrayed through sound layering.

Using tone, accurate information, and educated formal language the BBC focuses on establishing ethos. They want to show that their information comes from people who were actually there. Using witnesses from a variety of languages gives us this. As a world news source it feels like probably the best in the game. The podcast is obviously not meant to entertain but to inform. Some things it does really well is establish itself as a highly reliable news source, is appropriate for all audiences while dealing with mature themes. Another advantage is that there is no advertising that is mixed in with the news. It is all information that one looking for world news wants. For someone looking to get current world news this podcast feels like a really good way to do it.


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