“A story told week to week”-via podcast–Hannah Marble

Sarah Koenig, was an individual I had never been acquainted with, I knew absolutely nothing about her nor did I care to. Until, through the funding of “This American Life” she and a team began the undertaking of telling “a story told week to week.” The story happens to be a true story about a two young men and a young women. The telling of the story began in the fall of 2014. However this true story had happened almost 20 years earlier.

After listening to this entire podcast and admittedly waiting each Thursday morning to download it, I was interested in why this story was being told, what was its purpose? Being a writing and rhetoric student immediately I waved it away, it was a good story, one with interesting characters and very interesting content. It wasn’t until after I did some research and actually wrote a paper on Serial that I rounded out my answer to “what was its purpose.” I think the purpose was to initially tell a compelling story, I think that the under current purpose was to show that stories can be transferred to massive amounts of people in a very digital form. That these digital forms can actually harness unique aspects. And while they cannot make a story better necessarily, they can make it more personal.The used of several voices and audio clips gave the podcast a dynamic feel. Also, the theme music and musical clips used within the podcast were unique. I will admit hearing that music puts an excited knot into my stomach, because it’s the audio beacon for Serial. It wouldn’t be Serial without the music.

I think that the purpose of conveying this story by audio was to harness the sense of hearing in order to make this a truly unique experience. Audio can resonate more with individuals. We attach sound to memories and I think that’s what makes this podcast so great, is that the audio takes on several different tones and voices. The audio lays down the path of the story and cues the listener as to what aspect of story will be coming up next. This could only be done by the use of audio cues.


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