Podcast- Adam Namba

The podcast that I’m going to write about is Mike and Mike in the morning podcast.  I actually listen to this podcast in the morning when I want to hear about what is going on in the sports world and what they would say about the different things that are going on.  Mike and Mike in the morning started October 12, 1998 and it is still going on.  The people that do it are Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg.

The purpose of this podcast is to talk about the current events of sports and to bring on coaches, players, actors, and other sport reporters to talk about what is happening.  Like today, they are talking about the Johnny Manziel situation which is about how he is going to Rehab for a certain reason which hasn’t been out in the news yet.  Also, they are talking about the super bowl and bringing in coaches, players, and sport podcasters to talk about what they think about the super bowl, commercials, and halftime.  Which today they talked about the last play Seattle had on offense and what play call they would of done to win the game.

After listening to this podcast the different sound effects I heard was the Mike and Mike talking and also the sound of the microphones.  Also, sometimes during their podcast they are live on television and show different type of clips and you can hear that clip playing in the background.  Those are the main sound effects that are going on in the Podcast and every once in a while they would bring in a special guest.  The storytelling that was going on in the podcast was just about the different type of topics that are happening right now in the world of sports.

The podcast did really well on talking about the topic and getting deep into the topic and they make sure they get their points out before they change the subject.


2 thoughts on “Podcast- Adam Namba

  1. meaganmthornton February 4, 2015 / 10:24 pm

    This sounds like an interesting podcast. I occasionally listen to Jim Rome when I’m with my dad, who follows football fervently. It sounds like they share some content, especially since they both focus on sports. Jim Rome does take calls during the show, as I’m sure Mike and Mike do as well. Jim also, if I’m remembering the podcast correctly, also uses some pretty funny sound effects. Your podcast sounds pretty straightforward, as was mine, which makes me question whether or not podcasts every vary all that much. I also wonder if Mike and Mike does any kind of advertising? Anyhow, great post. Thanks for sharing.


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