Podcast- Radiolab. Sam Watson

Radiolab from WNYC is a podcast that covers ideas. That is a broad statement to make, but it holds true for this podcast. It has been airing since 2002, and is hosted by Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich. Each episode is either half an hour or a full hour long. I enjoy listening to it because of the “outside the box” thinking that the hosts address questions with. For example, my favorite episode deals with the concept of “color”. Within this hour long discussion, Abumrad and Krulwich talk about the Mantis Shrimp, a creature that can see many more spectrums of color than humans could ever dream of. They also talk about the ancient Greeks, and why they do not have a word for the color “blue” in their vernacular. They talk about certain humans that can see more colors than the average person. The list of interesting subtopics goes on, but the point is that they have unusual ways to look at things. The hosts have a good report with one another, as well as with the guest speakers that frequent the show. They are easy and entertaining to listen to, and make the topics on the show understandable for the average listener.


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