PTI Podcast- Steven Witkowski

The PTI podcast is a sports show podcast hosted primarily my two co-producers Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon of ESPN, The Washington Post, among other distinguished positions in sports media. PTI stands for “Pardon The Interruption” a fitting title to the 30 min or so podcast put out at the same time each weekday since 2001. The two brilliantly discuss the issues of the day as they relate to the world of sports, often holding conflicting views and joining in momentarily heated debates on various topics. The best aspect of this podcast is that the duo keeps a constant order of events and specially blocked out segments that listeners can count on and look forward to in each show including titles like “5 good minutes” where they interview one guest for exactly five minutes, “oddsmakers” where they give percentage of possibility of random daily events that may or may not happen, and they end each show with a two minute rundown titled “The Big Finish” generally used to pay tribute to daily anniversaries of significant sports events, birthdays, and what they might watch on TV that night. It is all done so precisely and is delivered so constant it has become the number one ESPN podcast and just adds to the multiple platforms on which these two hosts are available for viewing/listening.


One thought on “PTI Podcast- Steven Witkowski

  1. meaganmthornton February 5, 2015 / 3:43 am

    To me “Pardon the Interruption” is a great show made great podcast. The tandem that is Tony and Wilbon is unremarkable hilarious; from their analysis to the inside puns, the show is pure gold. I love how comedy has the power to transcend media. The show is well made, and I love how it keys on the oral component of argument and storytelling. Steven, great post!
    – Davor Simunovic


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