My Brother, My Brother and Me – Sheridan Dastrup

My Brother, My Brother and Me is a podcast that I listen to regularly. It was created by three brothers: Travis McElroy, Justin McElroy, and Griffin McElroy. In their words it is “an advice show for the modern era”. People send in their questions either by email, Twitter, or by Formspring. People can also send in particularly entertaining Yahoo Answers questions. Questions such as “who invented hatred?” or “what is the difference between anorexia and balsamic?” or “If you could recolor an animal, what animal would you choose and what color would they be?”.  In reality, it ends up being an hour of the brothers laughing their way through questions and joking around. It ends up feeling like you are a part of the family.

My Brother, My Brother and Me started in 2010 and has since had 237 episodes. Since it started it has consistently been in the top 10 comedy podcasts on ITunes and has hundreds of thousands of downloads. I discovered My Brother, My Brother and Me when they guest starred on another podcast that I listen to. Since I discovered this podcast, I have listened to the podcast in mass quantities. I listen to it while on campus and occasionally bust out laughing, look like the schizophrenic who is laughing for no apparent reason.

My Brother, My Brother and Me has a theme song, a disclaimer, and an end song. Other than these components, the podcast doesn’t utilize any other versions of sound (other than them talking). I don’t really think that they need to use any sounds while giving advice. Other podcasts are typically telling a story but because this is a comedy advice show it makes sense that they wouldn’t use any background noises.


2 thoughts on “My Brother, My Brother and Me – Sheridan Dastrup

  1. meaganmthornton February 6, 2015 / 12:59 am

    I have heard of this podcast before from a bunch of my friends and they tell me it is hilarious. This is a podcast that I would love to listen to because it’s not serious all the time and you can actually stay on the podcast for more than two minutes. Thank you for using this podcast as your topic so I can look more into it and try to listen to it.


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