Song Exploder Podcast – Ben Holland

I haven’t been a big podcaster in my lifetime. I think this last fall, though, turned me (and a lot of other nonbelievers) into podcasters when Serial got widely popular. That was the gateway podcast for me. I anticipated each new episode each week, and listened to all of them twice. I spoke about it with my wife, my parents, my siblings, and friends. When we went on a road trip, we listened to all of them again.

After that, I discovered a few more podcasts that were really interesting to me. The first of which  is called Song Exploder. I’m a music aficionado and listening to this podcast has really given me a lot of cool insight into how some of my favorite bands create music.

The podcast was started at the beginning of 2014 as a labor of love from Hrishikesh Hirway. He had this idea that he’d really like to break songs apart and speak with the artists about how the song became the compilation that it is today. I thought this was an appropriate podcast for our Audio SoundScape project that we are working on—which is a compilation of many sounds to make a single soundscape. It is so fascinating to not only see the random sounds that end up sticking in production, but also the completely different stylistic approach that different artists take on their own music.

Hrishikesh Hirway initially committed himself to doing about 28 episodes, but because of the vast popularity of the podcast, he’s decided to continue producing episodes. The artists on the show range from alternative-rock, to electronic, to rap, and all of them have something interesting to say. In fact, I’ve discovered several new artists through his podcast. Give it a try on iTunes!


One thought on “Song Exploder Podcast – Ben Holland

  1. meaganmthornton February 9, 2015 / 12:37 am

    This is very cool and helpful to the class. Thanks for sharing! -Meagan


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