Audio Project Reflection – Hannah Marble

Audio is something that resonates with me more than anything else. Ask me to remember something I’ve read once, I couldn’t tell you a single phrase. Ask me to quote half a movie or song that I’ve heard once, I am your girl! I think that audio allows the imagination to create pathways in the brain that are like what down a hill. It chooses the path of least resistance. Audio sinks into the already existing wrinkles in my brain. Then that audio connects itself to something that I have imagined up. I have a very active imagination.

Reflecting on this audio project, I have found that audio really can tell a story. A full story, with details, and character too. Audio also allows the listener to conjure up his or her own type of story. Each person doesn’t hear the exact same thing. There is history and context we each carry that differs how we relate to things. I think that reflecting on the audio project, the biggest thing I have mulled over and over again, is the idea that one story can be so different. Specifically an audio story. There isn’t a single story. There is the story each individual hears.

The second biggest aspect that I have reflected on during this audio project is how influential sounds, music, and vocal text have on a story. They can make a story; they lead into certain aspects of a story. They give context as to how the viewer, reader, listener, should be feeling. Audio does a great job of connecting to our emotions and swaying us one way or the other. Audio also sets a tone. It dictates even without words whether or not the story is serious, playful, or sarcastic.

This audio project has made me realize how mindful we are of what we hear and how we relate those audible responses into memories or moments.


One thought on “Audio Project Reflection – Hannah Marble

  1. meaganmthornton February 11, 2015 / 6:13 am

    I’m just like you in that I can’t quote books, but I can certainly quote movies and songs! It’s a testament to how effective audio can be on the brain. I like your point about how we all imagine different things when hearing sound and that’s what makes sound so interesting. Audio attaches itself to what is already existing in our heads to create a personal story, which is pretty cool. The power of sound makes our brains light up and imagine more deeply. -Breanna Larson


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