The Heroes Journey-Everyones Journey-Hannah Marble

After our discussion on The Heroes Journey, I thought about it a lot. Why does this ideal resinate with us so deeply? I think, personally, it resonates, because I always want to be the hero. I want, at the end of the day to triumphantly have conquered some unattainable feat that stood before me, seemingly insurmountable. Most days my biggest conquest is to simply drag myself out of bed in order to be in class. However, after getting out of bed, getting to class, and returning home, it always seems like some herculean effort was needed. I had a heroes journey, I have a heroes journey every single day. It just depends on whether or not we feel deep down inside that we are content with our efforts. I think that the Heroes Journey allows us as individuals to look at an average joe and see ourselves within them. Then to see them take on something that was nearly impossible gives us hope. I think the heroes journey is all about inspiration. How much did the journey inspire us, and what will we do now that we have seen someone just like us complete something so difficult.

The steps within the Heroes Journey are also very compelling. I especially associated with the layout that there are helpers, guidance, and mentors that accompany the hero. These types of people are real and exist in our lives. I think the Heroes Journey is important, because it shows the outline of all great stories, and how, even the most simple stories can become even greater, it just needs to include aspects that relate to the Heroes Journey.

Learning about The Heroes Journey has helped me to form more complete stories in my own mind. I think that the outline is helpful in creating compelling stories.


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