Sound and Storytelling – Whitney Hancock

Using sound for storytelling has been a learning experience for me. I enjoy writing and have always told stories with my writing. Trying to tell a story without language or visuals has been a challenge. I came up with ideas for our audio project that I thought would work then as I laid out the story board I would realize how difficult it was going to be to tell that story through sound only. It would work great as a silent film but without imagery it would be near impossible. I have enjoyed learning about sound and storytelling and listening to different examples. I think if I had more time to focus on it, it could really challenge my creativity and strengthen my story telling skills.

If we were able to spend more time on this topic I would have enjoyed spending more time learning the programs to create a better story. It would be fun to spend more time exploring examples and doing research on this topic to better understand the power of sound in storytelling as well as spending more time brainstorming ideas of strong story ideas. Unfortunately because I do not see storytelling playing a large roll in my career I don’t see myself exploring this past this class.


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