Noah Bailey – Living in a Wall of Sound

As a musician, sound is the most important aspect of art. Every song I write tells a story. And where music is concerned, sound is literally everything. I live in sound. Rehearsing all the time, recording at least twice a year. Playing live on a regular basis. I truly live in a wall of sound in this sense. So whenever I am in the studio mixing an album with my audio engineer, we both pay great attention to detail. After the pieces of music are tracked, we start to fine tune the tone of each instrument and find the right levels of high end and low end with the guitars and bass, sometimes we tweak things to match the tones of guitar tracks from albums that have a sound similar to what I’m looking for. We find drum recordings on albums we like and match up snare sounds. Reverb can be added to vocals, pops and hissing are removed from the tracks. Vocals are layered and overdubbed on top of each other to add more substance to the songs. The studio is a playground of the sonic world. It is like a kitchen. You master using your ingredients and recipes prior to coming in (arrangements, ideas and skeletons of songs, leads, vocal rhythms, etc) and then once you have the studio time, all those ingredients and recipes are fine tuned, polished and worked until the final product (an album, a song, etc) is as close to perfect as it will become. Working in the studio can be stressful at times and exhausting, but the hard work is always worth it every time. For lovers of music the studio process is where the magic happens.


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