Sound and Storytelling – Alexander Lewandowski

Despite a good knowledge of Audacity acquired from working with ringtones and my music library, I came into this class with little-to-no knowledge about the mechanics of storytelling and sound beyond the basics. While I was able to identify ‘good’ sound stories and uses of sound from the bad, I never really gave much thought as to what actually made me feel this way about them beyond the painfully obvious. Now that I’ve learned about the four basic elements of sound, vocal delivery, music, special effects, and silence, I feel much more discerning and educated about what I consume and listen to.

I’m even thinking about incorporating sounds, including my own mixes, into future storytelling projects such as the final for this class. I’m loosely a choose-your-own adventure type website for my final project, and I feel like such a story would hopefully be even more interactive and immersing with the addition of sound (provided it doesn’t instead prove annoying such as how I discussed with my group in class).

As for questions left about sound and storytelling, I really don’t feel like there is much else that I desire to know at the moment. For an introduction to sound, this class served that purpose very well, and most importantly, it actually got me to play with sound. I never thought myself capable of creating a sound story such as what I made for this class, and now that I’ve made one, I’m considering going deeper and furthering my skills.

Lastly, there are not any areas of sound that I wish the class explored in greater detail, primarily since, as I’ve said, it served mostly as a sort of introduction and not a comprehensive course. If I have the time and inspiration to pursue more sound projects, I might end up researching other areas of sound at my own leisure.


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