The Language of Sound – Amy Garcia

A sound is nothing but waves of air pressure pressing against your ear drum. However, those waves speak a language of their own, telling your brain a story with an alphabet of frequency and wavelength. Through that language animals can be warned of danger, insects can find mates and that human cans speak to one another. While words are one of our primary uses of sounds, our surroundings can be just as vivid and even more descriptive. During this project I have had to think about the complexity of sound. When searching for sound effects for something as simple as footsteps, becomes a complicated task. What type of surface is being walked on, how many people are walking, how fast, what type of shoe? All these questions can be answered without the use of a single sound. Finding sound clips that fit together in a logical way has been a bit more difficult but also more rewarding than I had previously anticipated. Originally I had seen this medium as something very restrictive but I have come to appreciate it for the freedom that it provides. Audacity has been a new challenge as it is something unlike anything I have personally used before. Luckily between online resources and my husband I have been able use the program without too much difficulty My project is about catching TRAX. This morning when I was waiting for the Train and I had never noticed how well you could hear the traffic from the TRAX station despite the fact that the road is quite far away or the way the wind passes through the tall grass in the field behind it. There area several TRAX stations, mine is on of the last stops with the least around it and it’s soundscape is unique, even compared to other TRAX statins. . This project has also taught me to observe my environment from a new way, paying to more attention to the detail and variety of sound around me.


One thought on “The Language of Sound – Amy Garcia

  1. meaganmthornton February 12, 2015 / 7:02 am

    I really enjoyed your analysis of sound as a meaningful process – a language used to create and convey. This project has also made me have to think and step outside of my normal bounds in order to craft a meaning piece. Sound is simple and all around, but it is also a powerful tool when forming narratives. Good post, Amy!
    – Davor Simunovic


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