What I’ve learned about Sound in Storytelling-Adam Namba

What I have learned from sound in storytelling is that it brings in a whole another way to look at a story.  Sounds bring the audience into the story more and it depends on the type of sounds they are using to show that type of emotion.  The example our teacher used for that 60 second clip of a star bursting.  Every one in the class had a different story from that one 60 second.  For me I thought it was used for a scary scene in a movie or a T.V. show when a guy was getting chases by someone else.  That what sound does for a story, it can make the audience think of many different type of scenarios by what sounds are going on in the background.

I see myself using sound for storytelling by showing more of what the scene should feel like and what type of emotions should be coming from that sound.  Like if its a scary part of the story, I would put some scary or creepy music to make the audience know that something scary is going to happen.  Or when there is a action part in the story, then I’ll use a bunch of background noises acceptable for that type of scene to make the audience feel like they are apart of that action part of the story.

I really don’t have any questions about sound and storytelling, I think I got most of my information about how sound works with storytelling from the past month that we have been taught about it.

One thing that I thought we should have gone more into detail about is the power of the soundtrack.  I’ve always loved what type of soundtracks would be in movies or T.V. shows such as: The Guardians of The Galaxy, Django Unchained, Pulp Fiction, etc.  The movies I have just listed all have great soundtracks and they are all very good movies and I think without the soundtracks they have those movies wouldn’t be as good as they are with the soundtrack that they have.


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