Sam Watson Blog Post-Storytelling

Sound can be an important facet of storytelling. It adds an extra quality to stories that is missing from stories that are simple written or printed. I do not think that it is necessarily better to have sound included in a story, simply different. For example, if I were reading a book, I would not want sound effects emitting from the book ever other sentence to enhance the story in some way. It would just be annoying. The first stories were totally reliant on sound. Before the advent of printed words, the only stories were told through oral tradition. Needless to say, in this form the stories needed sound, otherwise there was no medium for them. Other contemporary stories benefit directly from the use of sound, however. For example, when I presented on the story “Snow Fall”, sound is appropriately used in that piece. Upon opening the story, there is the sound of wind blowing across barren snow. This isolating noise sets the tone for the entire piece, making the reader realize that they are about to read something that gives them the same feeling that the sound of the wind does. In this particular instance, the sound was not overwhelming and worked well with the storyline. For my storytelling project, I had envisioned the sounds that I used being much clearer. I would have the way a sound should sound in my head, but it would sound totally different when I would  go and place it in my storyline. An aspect that I wish that we had discussed is storytelling through music. There are many great songs that aim to tell a story through the lyrics. I feel that it is a very precise art form, as every syllable needs to match up and make sense in terms of the storyline and in terms of the music.


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