Sonic Rhetoric – Ben Holland

I used to be a sound engineer for about 5 years, yet this project has still completely opened my eyes to the sounds around us. For my soundscape assignment, I chose to listen to the gas station on the corner of my street. It’s a place I go in and out of almost daily. I’ve never thought about all of the noises that little things make—the clicks of shoes or work boots, the swish of soda fountain machines, the clunk of the ice in drinks, the ding of the cashier, the ruffling of chip bags… It goes on. You can make a symphony out of the instruments in a simple gas station. That’s what I’ve really learned—that there is value in just about every sound, whether it drives us to turn it down, tune it out, or listen closer. Sonic rhetoric quite literally fills up the world around us and shapes the way we interact with it.

This project had really opened my eyes to creating an environment. I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to participate.


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