Audio Final Project- Adam Namba

Reflection Paper

The premise of my sound story is that it starts off with a guy running away from another man who is shooting at him.  At the beginning of the sound story its the guy running out of breath towards his car while there are gun shots going on in the background.  Then he finally gets into his car and drives away from the guy, but the guy also started to chase him from his car.  They are chasing all over the city and when they start making a scene, the police get caught up in the chase.  When the police get into the chase, gun shots start to get fired at the guy being chased and also the police.  Then as the final shot was fired, it took out the guys car who is being chased and then it swerves out and crashes.

The intended audience for this story is for anyone type of audience especially the people who likes action scenes.  Then the purpose of my story is to entertain people and make htem imagine what the chase would look like.

The role of sound in meaning making and storytelling in our digital world is that it make people more entertained into the story and also can make them imagine more different stories for one sound.  Also, sound makes the story that much more interesting for the story by adding background noise, sound effects and music.

Sound works alone by making people imagine different type of scenarios by the sound and also they can think about the imagine and talk about it with other people.  Also sound working with to other elements such as image and text that it shows what those images mean.  My project would benefit from integrating other elements such as from video and image.

The challenging thing about working only in the medium of sound is that you need to make the audience have a constant image in their mind about what the sound is trying to show.

What I enjoyed about working with sound is that how many different sounds you can put together to make a sixty second clip which is actually pretty cool.  Also that you can make so many different stories with sound because the audience can imagine anything they what with the sound that you make.  One last thing that I have enjoyed about making this project is by finding all of the different sounds you can use to make a big part of the project.  But I did have a lot of fun making this project because it was really cool to see what the different sounds I can use to make a sixty second sound clip and also to learn on how professionals would make sound effects for movies.

My understanding of sound production and its application to 60storytelling changed from creating this project has made a big difference from when we first started and then till now.  It helped a lot to make my project and learn on how sound is a big playmaker in storytelling.


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