Fantastic Visual Story- Sara Haller


This simple and clever visual tells a story about Girl Scout Cookies. We see a pie chart that illustrates the most popular cookies down to the least popular. By using the actual cookies as part of the chart there is a tiny story that is told here about the different kinds of cookies sold. Having experience with the cookies brings a taste and humor to this pie chart. I thought it was very cleverly done. My only hesitation is that by the books definition of a story this is not a story at all but just a moment. Because of that I also found this photo story that I like a lot.

In 1948 W. Eugene Smith who worked for TIME magazine created this photo essay. He shadowed a real country doctor who worked in a small town in Colorado. The pictures themselves tell a story without words.

w-eugene-smith-country-doctor-27 Unknown-1 Unknown  00767780.TIF


To see all 38 images click here.


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