Visual Story Telling – Fanciful Illustrations – Amy Garcia

Occasionally I will browse Deviant Art just to look at what people are doing. There is one artist whose illustrations have always captured my imagination.  His profile name is Himmapaan and he does hand drawings with extremely fine detail. He has done some work as professional illustrations for stories, but the ones that have stood out to me the most are pieces that aren’t connected to anyone else’s story, at least they weren’t created for that purpose. In these photos he shows a whimsical combination of Victorian wealth, mythical creatures as well as dinosaurs, all inhabiting the same space.  The first picture shows a woman clad in expensive clothing, with a parasail inside of a palanquin atop an olorotitan (a large duckbilled dinosaur). There are four other people in the picture, a little person wearing a turban with some impressive plumage adorning the top, a bearded man with some type of large weapon and two women gossiping nearby. The next picture appears to be the same woman, or a similar one, but this time she is sitting unhappily on a treasure chest (which since floating must be empty) being pulled by a sea turtle along with a group of various mythical and fanciful creatures, such as a faun, and a cobra wearing a turban. The final picture is of two little people fishing in a small pond, accompanied by perhaps some baby dinosaurs and a fairy mermaid has just popped out of the pond. I am sure I could easily spend 1000 words describing each of the pictures below but these images certainly hold up the old adage that “a picture is worth 1000 words.” Which in reality is on the low side when it comes to these images, any number of different people being asked to create a story based on these images would come up with different stories, paying attention to different details or even focusing on the same ones. To me these drawings can create an adventure in and of themselves.





One thought on “Visual Story Telling – Fanciful Illustrations – Amy Garcia

  1. meaganmthornton February 19, 2015 / 3:03 am

    I loved this set of extremely detailed illustrations. They bring with them a sense of fantasy – when gazing upon them it feels like you are escaping into a new world. They are super charming, and more so, super charming! I love how stories can be told through images, and how people can share these visual stories on platforms like Deviant Art.
    – Davor Simunovic


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