Visual Storytelling- Adam Namba

A visual that I think is fantastic is a GIF of Jerry Seinfeld, when he gives an awkward shrug and little hand wave thing and finally just got out of his seat and left.  I think this visual is fantastic because I love the show Seinfeld and also Jerry Seinfeld which made the visual that much funnier to me.  Also you can use this GIF if you are in an awkward or even heated conversation and just send that to the person or persons if you are in a group message and make the conversation a little less tense.  Also, whoever made the GIF took it from the right sequence of the clip and ended on the right part to make it even better.  Just by the way Jerry stands up and how the GIF shows him stand up awkwardly and he wants to get out of there makes the GIF twenty times better.  The main reason why I really like this GIF is just because it is from Seinfeld and Seinfeld is one of my favorite shows of all time.  From Seinfeld you can make many different type of GIF’s from it because the show is just about everyday life and the reactions that they make in the show are what people would make in real life .  GIF’s are a good way to show an reaction or even emotions in a two second clip by over text.  Also they make visuals even better by having a couple of seconds of video, but those couple of seconds can make the visual even better.  So this was the visual that I thought was fantastic.


One thought on “Visual Storytelling- Adam Namba

  1. meaganmthornton February 19, 2015 / 4:25 am

    I personally love gif’s, I think they’re hilarious. I think they are extremely effective visuals, they make a very solid point so quickly, then repeats it over and over. I think not only is the gif effective the first time, but because it is so short it makes it more appealing to watch it several times, and therefore is effective every time. -Hannah Marble


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