Visual Storytelling by Codey Herrera

My example is the app Steller. Steller is an app that incorporates pictures and text to allow users to share their visual stories with the community. Once you’re signed up, you can browse through different categories to find activities that may interest you. They have anything from outdoors to cooking, and many things in between. Most users stick strictly to pictures, depending on the category of course, with minimal use of text. One of my favorite stories is called solitude, and the artist includes many pictures of people in solitude. It is very interesting that a picture has a way of conveying so much, though it may very well be ambiguous and open for interpretation. He includes 22 pictures in his story, and each one says something different about the state of solace. I personally love being by myself and can connect to the pictures on a very deep and emotional level. There is also a story called Love, which incorporates a couples journey through life. The author does include text in some of his pictures, mostly quotes, but it only reinforces the happiness expressed in the pictures. I do utilize the app myself, and am currently constructing a new one for our project in class. Anyhow, I think the app is great and well worth checking out.


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