Visual Storytelling Example- Erynn Pontius

Since most of the platforms we have been discussing in class pertain to the new digital social media mediums which have emerged, I thought this was a humorous and great example for visual storytelling. Infographics are a huge field in visual design, and I really liked how this one played with this graphic into what would normally be created as a meme or a more “funny” appropriate platform. Along with social media, there are definite crowds and ways certain age groups interact with it. It takes time for these types of norms and implicit rules in a particular platform to appear, and I love that we can recognize and joke about these now through other digital media. This image is very well designed and organized as well. It is visually interesting yet offers something original and intrigues the reader. People scrolling through Twitter or Pinterest or other social media will stop and read something if it draws their attention or offers something new and funny and this graphic provides both.

I think part of being a modern digital writer and artist entails being able to recognize these different platforms for what they are intended and be able to use them to our advantage, but also be able to think outside the box and manipulate these mediums into new and innovative ways. Part of the digital world is that it’s always changing, which means we have to not only keep up with the trends but try to be ahead of them if we want to compete.

visual image-ep


One thought on “Visual Storytelling Example- Erynn Pontius

  1. meaganmthornton February 19, 2015 / 4:10 pm

    I like the graphic you shared and it definitely humored me. Infographics are interesting because they are designed in an appealing way and map out information effectively. I agree on what you said about the digital world always changing, and how you have to be a step ahead in order to compete. It’s something people have to keep relearning because it’s not something that stays in one state. -Breanna Larson


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