Reflecting on Visual Stories-Hannah Marble

After exploring image and visual storytelling thus far, one unconventional method I have thought about several times is that of my iPhone photo stream.

The photos do not necessarily follow an order or use an specificity, however, the photos tell the story of individual iPhone users. Housed in the iCloud technology of the iPhone is the image based story of day to day life. In essence, the string of images tells the story of a single person. All through image. The story, however spans over a long period of time. Small micro stories can be seen at the same time however. If a vacation happens, the photos that string one to another hold context of being on vacation. Context clues show that the story is progressing in a certain manner. I think that these images can tell deeper stories as well. There is a very specific amount of personal bias ingrained into storytelling. Image gives clues as to what a person is trying to convey. In the example of the iPhone photo stream, seeing what things were important can be shown by what types of things are captured. Also at the same token, the story of one individual can show growth within the images. A body builder can capture an image a day to progress growth and progression.

Another similar example is that of the SnapChat story. The technology is literally called a story. The user is able to create a small visual, multi media story regarding a certain event and share it with their friends.

I like image as a storyteller, I feel that images literally paint the picture for us and we are able to add our own context, making the image unique to each viewer. Image can also hold a heavy volume of meaning and convey that information quickly. In the simple single glance.


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