Visual Storytelling – Breanna Larson

Visual storytelling comes in many more forms than I had previously realized before taking this class.  I guess I was aware of the different types, but never fully grasped that they could all be categorized in a visual storytelling box.  Everything from comics, infographics, photographs, drawings, paintings, memes, gifs…they are all within the visual storytelling category and are unique in their visual storytelling ways.  Text can only take you so far.  I realize that when reading a book you have the ability to harness the corners of your imagination and picture everything within the book in your own head, but visual storytelling has a different approach.  Rather than trying to picture what the author is trying to describe, you have exactly what the author wanted you to see right in front of your eyes.  Imagination is great, and I don’t doubt the power of a good book, but visual storytelling shows rather than tells a situation.  I also think about sound stories and how, while you can hear exactly what the creator wanted you to hear, you can’t see anything.  On the other hand, with visual stories, you can’t hear anything, so is one greater than the other?  Text, sound, visuals…their different mediums with a common goal: to tell a story.  Visuals are not necessarily greater than sounds or text, but they are the greatest at telling stories through our sight.  I love the idea of visual stories because they can evict emotions (happiness, sadness, anger…) without ever saying a word or making a sound.  Through their unmoving, silent state a person can learn so much.  Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.


One thought on “Visual Storytelling – Breanna Larson

  1. meaganmthornton February 26, 2015 / 1:39 am

    I totally agree with your whole blog post starting with that I didn’t know there were so many different forms of visual storytelling. Then when you talked about how text, sound, and visual all have a different type of medium and make the audience imagine something different with each of these mediums. Then finally with your last sentence when you said a paid is worth a thousand words which I completely agree with because one little thing a picture can be a thousand of words. -Adam Namba


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