The Image, and the Informative – Davor Simunovic

Visuals persuade, convey, compel, and do so much more – but can they truly inform? An effective measure of informative display is one that elicits emotions through story, holds iconic elements, and has strong didactic messaging. Infographics (good infographics) perform on all of these levels. Infographics are in essence a form of visual rhetoric. They can serve as powerful platform in visual discourse.

I love a good story, but sometimes the textual leaves too much for interpretation; texts are highly symbolic entities that often muddle the message. Good infographic visuals rely on iconicity – but instead, they should be as universally direct as possible. Visual messages often connote, but information needs be literally translatable.

Some of the most basic infographics are the most effective. Simple elements such as color, contrast, alignment can really enhance or broaden the visuals appeal. Iconic elements widen the ability for the audience to consume the image. In an informative piece, the information has to be presented clearly, and it needs to be elevated in priority. Info first, everything else later. But good information can become better information if it is properly wrapped in narrative. Infographs are informative stories – the data and narrative have to meld together in order for them to work.

A few visually informative pieces that I like (83)


One thought on “The Image, and the Informative – Davor Simunovic

  1. meaganmthornton February 26, 2015 / 7:27 pm

    I agree with you with your stance on images and their ability to inform. I also feel that images get the point across more quickly. Which is somewhat disheartening because it means people might be reading less. That’s just my opinion, though, as I don’t have an infographic to enforce that thought. Maybe there is an infographic? Please hold while I find one… I couldn’t find one on people reading less, per se, but I did find a whole bunch to promote reading!

    – Amber Sandberg


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