Thoughts on Visual Storytelling – Alexander Lewandowski

Considering that I essentially came into this class with little knowledge of visual storytelling, I feel like I’ve left with a much better understanding of what it is and the effort that goes into it. A few weeks ago, I would simply see images, even visually astounding ones such as material such a National Geographic as merely photographs. Now I’m starting to see and critically think about the stories that people intentionally create in other sorts of media such as photographs and even websites such as the great portfolio example shown in class today.

I’m happy to say that this new knowledge of visual storytelling is going to pair nicely with my Advanced Web Design (in which we have to build a demo ice cream website), and business class (where we think about advertising and marketing). I plan on trying to share my newfound knowledge with my teammates on the ice cream site as we try and sell the product to the customer, and apply it to my business class in thinking about business advertising, particularly commercials, and how some of them attempt to create a visual story that convinces the customer to buy their product.

Now I suppose the only major part left for me in the visual storytelling portion of this class is creating my own. I’ve never been that talented when it comes to creating anything visual, really, but hopefully with an armament of Google Images, Adobe Illustrator, and GIMP, I can pull my creative resources together and make my visual story ideas into something meaningful.


One thought on “Thoughts on Visual Storytelling – Alexander Lewandowski

  1. meaganmthornton February 26, 2015 / 5:28 pm

    Great reflections. I also had very little experience with visual storytelling when I came into the class, so needless to say I can relate. I think it is great that you’re able to apply the concepts of this class into your other classes. I’d like to see how you end up incorporating images into that website. That sounds like an interesting project. Maybe you can shoot me a link to your work when you finish. I’m sure with your experience in different software it is going to turn out great.

    -Codey Herrera


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