Visual Storytelling- Sports Illustrated- Adam Namba

I was looking through one of the Sport Illustrated Magazines that came out this month and it had many different type of articles about what is going on in the NBA, the NFL draft, and what is going on in Men’s College Basketball and a preview of the NCAA Tournament and March Madness.  But one thing that stood out to me in this Magazine were the pictures that I saw.  With one picture of a point guard for a college basketball team going up for a layup against a center on another team it shows many different things going on in that one picture.  The picture shows an offense of player trying to score against a bigger and larger defense of player, as the picture is taken they are both jumping.  As they are both jumping, the offense of player is about to lay it up for a basket and the defense of player puts both of his hands up to block it.  While they are jumping you can see the how much effort they are putting in on this play by their faces.  Also, in the background you can see their teammates running into the paint getting ready for the rebound and other teammates outside of the three point line try to spread the floor out or waiting just in case his teammate passes the ball to them.  Other small things that you can see in the background is one of the benches and the coach yelling at them trying to tell them to box out and get the rebound.  Also, you can see fans in the background and see the different emotions that they are going through to see if their team is going to get two points or get a big defense of stop.  One more small thing you can see in the picture is that you can also see other camera’s trying to get the same picture to show what is going on.  I just thought that picture in the Sport Illustrated Magazine showed a lot of visual storytelling going on and it shows a little story of everyone that is captured in the picture.


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