Social Media Readings- Sara Haller

Discuss thoughts about the social media readings

I think the rise in digital media is so interesting because I feel like it is changing the way we write and consume writing. For example I have seen how social media is beginning to change  print media. Magazines, for example, have started to adapt realizing that audiences do not want to read a 5 page article. If you look at magazines from the 70s they are super long. Now articles are about a page maximum. We are becoming accustomed to little bites of information rather than long detailed text. Because of this we as writers have to figure out how to boil down what we say.

The Twitter readings are a great example of having to boil down a story into quick consumption. The writing style has to be adapted to that and it’s fun to read when it is adapted to that.


Digital Storytelling Example- Adam Namba

Digital Storytelling Example Presentation

What is the title of your story?

Inception Explained


Who is the producer of your story?

Matt Dempsey


When was it produced?

June 2, 2012


What medium does your example story use?

The medium my example uses is text, image and video.


What is your Story’s genre?



Who is the intended audience of the story?

To whoever like the movie Inception and want to know how they made the movie.


What is the purpose of the story?

The purpose of the story is to show the audience how the story Inception was made,


Does your story require special platform? Or need a specific device for the consumer to access the story?

The story doesn’t require special platform.  And no it doesn’t need a specific device for the consumer to access the story.


Does the story use any of the storytelling techniques that we have discussed in class?

Yes it does,  it uses images and text.  


Why did you choose this story and why do you like it?

I chose this story because I am a huge fan of the movie Inception and when the movie came out I liked it so much I went to search about what Inception was about and I found this website and it helped me think about the movie in a different way.  I like this story because it has a cool way of showing the story and it is very easy to follow.

Working with Video – Ben Holland

There is a very real limitation for composing a story for video. It’s certainly not a bad limitation—I feel that limitations in storytelling spark creativity, so I was grateful for it. In other words, each medium you decide to write for has different challenges. For example, writing a Twitter story limits you logistically to 140 characters. Writing a story for an image piece limits you in that you have to display abstract ideas and stories on a single image or sequence of images. The limitations for a video are very large; we don’t have a studio of CGI programmers on staff, so generally, you have to write only the stories that you actually have the skills and resources to create. There is much more I wish I could have done on the editing side, but I just didn’t have the skills or the time to make it happen. Additionally, I couldn’t bring to pass a fictional story entirely, because I don’t have the skills, equipment, or editing time to make it happen. The inherent limitations of the video project really stretched my storytelling abilities and helped me become a better storyteller.

I learned a lot about the importance of story in working with video. You can have a very complex story, and still create a very simple video. Conversely, you can have a very simple video and have a very complex video (think Transformers and most other action movies). I’ve learned that simple is best, even though it’s not always easy to do. My understanding of video storytelling and how it applies to actually creating videos has totally changed because of that.