Stories through Video-Hannah Marble

When I was very young my father purchased a video camera, this video camera was not the glamorous small device that we now commonly use and even hold within the palms of our hands. This video camera was the size of a brief case and it had to be held on the shoulder of whoever was taking the video. While it may seem now to be completely worthless that video camera captured so many stories. Stories that cannot be accurately told without seeing the video footage. The story of my life is told and shown throughout the footage on that old camera.

Video has the all encompassing ability to allow a viewer to be completely engrossed into a situation. I watch video, regardless of what kind and I feel like I can escape the situation I currently could be in and I am taken to a uniquely different one. A very specific example of video that I have found popular among my friends getting married is that of a wedding video. The couple is filmed doing darling things that show how in love they are, then clips of each answering questions about how the fell in love, met, etc. are asked. The camera clips from one to the other with the answer to the question. While in the video they are speaking about how they fell in love and basically tell their story, the video footage shows how each reacts to the questions, if they smile or blush, the video images allow the viewer to get more context about the story. These videos also freeze in time the true love that the couple has for each other before the take on life together. I think that video is a great form for telling a story, because it has to be very specific. The characters, the setting, the time in history, they are all involved and relevant in video and help to further the story.


2 thoughts on “Stories through Video-Hannah Marble

  1. meaganmthornton March 3, 2015 / 9:30 pm

    Oh my gosh, my family totally had one of those big cameras! It’s so funny to get it out and look at it now cause it looks like channel 5 news showed up at our door. It’s really funny how much the world is changing now. That kinda just made me wonder how big the cameras are now that the news uses. Now I just use my iPhone and the quality is great.-Sara Haller


  2. meaganmthornton March 4, 2015 / 12:56 am

    Those big huge cameras are still somewhat still used in various applications like news and film. I’ve seen films by people who use older film technology, like 8mm cameras. The technology is an interesting aspect of the storytelling that might be good to explore.


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