Video Storytelling – Sara Haller

What is your experience with video storytelling? What would you like to learn? Why do you think video is important to digital storytelling?

Video storytelling can be, in my opinion, the most realistic form of storytelling because it combines audio and visual which is what our lives are like. Our two most sensitive senses are combined to communicate with us. Our real life experience adds in touch, smell, and taste. To use visual and audio combined can be so powerful.

Something I’ve always found interesting about video is that video does such a good job showing what is going on externally but the written word is stronger in being able to show what is going on inside someone’s mind.When watching a scene one can quickly deduce what they are thinking or feeling by their actions but they can’t know the way one can in reading. Words have the option of simply telling you “So-and so was thinking this, feeling this, wanting this.” A movie cannot do the same thing. It can show that someone is feeling emotion, screaming, crying, laughing but the solid feelings and thoughts are not as present. Because of that many time I will like a book much more than a movie even though the movie was much faster at giving me the story but also considerably different.

I would like to learn to better manipulate video. I think with the changes in technology the demand for video will continue to rise.


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