The Existential Bummer by Codey Herrera

The example I am using is a youtube film By Jason Silva. The film is titled Existential Bummer. Jason Silva incorporates short clips, images, and speech. The way he uses the images and the shot clips in the film is to parallel them with the substance of the speech. So, when he is talking about entropy and nature he uses images that depict the visuals of the speech. When he talks about nostalgia and beauty, he uses images that and short clips that depict what could be perceived as pristine beauty of the human nature. Besides the way he incorporates different mediums in his film, I particularly love the subject of the video. Jason Talks about the problem of entropy, impermanence, and transience. He first talks about Freud’s essay On Transience, discussing the nature of the world and its transience. He then talks about the sadness of beauty and nature because of its impermanence, and finally discusses whether or not we should embrace the Buddhist creed of non-attachment or hold on to those transient moments even tighter because of their nature. He also discusses briefly how we defy entropy through our work. I like the content of the video because it provides beautiful visuals while incorporating beautiful ideas. The video is uplifting and inspiring through all mediums.


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