Video Storytelling- Adam Namba

My experience with video storytelling is that with making stories out of video isn’t very high because I rarely make videos to make a story and if I do make a video it was for a project for school or for a fun trip.  But other than those examples that I said in the sentence before I don’t have that much experience with video storytelling.

I would like to learn a lot more about video storytelling such as on how to make a good video and make it into a story and relate to the audience in some type of way.  Also I would like to learn how to film a couple of different clips and make it into one consecutive video and add different music into it.  For an example, in my video project I was thinking about filming different parts of my trip for Spring Break and make a video out of that and had music in the background.  So I think it’ll be cool to learn how to make a video from many different clips and had different music to it.

I think video is important to digital storytelling because it shows more emotion into it and what the person is actually doing.  It shows the audience what is actually going on in the story and what they are talking about.  I just think video adds a couple of more elements to the story because you see what is happening in the beginning, middle and you get to see how it ends and why it ends that way.  But the most important element that video adds to digital storytelling is that is shows emotion and what that person or actor is feeling so you can get a feel to the story


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