Video Storytelling – Breanna Larson

I have experimented a bit with video over the past couple years and Film is actually one of my two majors (the other major being Writing).  I have not gotten too far into the Film program yet here at the U, but I have made a short narrative film and a short documentary film for classes and I have made a few music montage videos on my own.  Music montage videos appeal to me for some reason, because that’s what I’m usually compelled to make.  I made music montage videos for vacations mostly.  I think video is very important in digital storytelling because it combines many digital storytelling platforms into one.  There are images, sound, occasionally there’s text…video incorporates quite a lot.  If video weren’t important in the digital storytelling age, we wouldn’t have whole websites dedicated to it (YouTube, Vimeo, etc…).  There’s movement, there’s music, there’s speech…its basically the ultimate digital art form, or at least in my opinion it is.  Perhaps that’s just my particular taste, but seriously, video is pretty cool.  Images come to life and they are accompanied by music and sound!  Even though I grew up with movies, film and videos and should be used to this idea of “images being brought to life”, I still feel a need to acknowledge how incredibly cool that is, to be able to take the story of say a novel or a play and convert it into film or video, still telling the same story.  Or, better yet, coming up with stories specifically designed for video.

What I would like to learn about video is this: how can I make sure my video stories make sense, and prevent audiences from being confused?


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