VSCO Erynn Pontius

VSCO, or the Visual Supply Company, was founded in 2011 by Greg Lutze and Joel Flory as a resource for photographers and was launched as a mobile app in 2012. The writing published on VSCO is written by users as well as VSCO explaining their work and inspiration as well as telling the story of their life and how they came to enjoy photography. The type of audience that is drawn to this are young photographers, artists, and designers who are looking for a new community to publish their photos and enjoy high quality work. The purpose of this site is to provide a platform for aspiring photographers and visual storytellers to share and help inspire one another in a communal digital space. All a consumer needs to access VSCO is a computer or a smart phone, one of the aspects VSCO advertises is that users can take quality pictures now on their phones through their app and use their editing tools to produce great works of art without having to own expensive camera and editing equipment. Just how we’ve recently discussed in class, VSCO has found a type of audience that wants some type of easily accessible digital outlet to share and publish their talent among other artists with similar interests and provide a way to tell the stories behind their work. Unlike other sites I really like how VSCO has set itself apart from the social media aspect. Instead of focusing on followers and likes its focus is being able to share artists posts based on the quality and being able to share the stories and inspiration pertaining to their work.



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